Mad Menagerie: Soul Reavers

Soul reavers are lower class daemons that have evolved to fill a service niche in the hierarchies of the Infernal Dominions, they are the wranglers of purchased souls.  Whenever a person sells their soul, a mark is placed upon it.  Upon the death of a marked soul’s mortal shell, a beacon pulses forth through the Æther.

When they are not transporting their bounties to the owners of their collected souls, soul reavers spend most of their time drifting in the Æther, waiting for the pulse of a marked soul.  Soul reavers are the only known daemon capable of traversing the Æther at will, and one of the fewer entities that can circumnavigate the dimensions via the Æther.

Soul reavers do not share a common visage and come in a variety shapes and sizes, though most take on the form of medium sized humanoid shapes.  They all however share the fact that they are wrapped in wispy shadows, display multiple rows of uneven needle sharp teeth, and carry chains and manacles that are very effective at securing the ectoplasmic essence of freshly dead souls.

For their service, soul reavers are able to pass freely through the Dominions as well as feed on the ectoplasm of their catch, as long as they do not consume the soul entirely.  Hungry soul reavers have been known to waylay free souls in the Gloom and then sell their captives in the dark markets of Mephistolous.

Medium Infernal Humanoid [Devil]
Level: 6
Initiative: +9
Perception: +15, darkvision
Hit Points: 60
AC: 22, Fort: 26, Ref: 19, Will: 25
Speed: 7
Str 16, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10

Chain Lash (ranged, standard, at-will)
Ranged 2; +8 vs. AC; 1d6 +3 damage.

Bind in Chains (ranged, standard, recharge 5, 6)
Ranged 2; +10 vs. Reflex; 1d8+3 damage; target is grabbed.

Bite (melee, standard, at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d6+3 damage.

Æther Jaunt (move, recharge 4, 5, 6)
The soul reaver enters the Æther and cannot be the target of attacks from the Prime dimension unless the attack can penetrate the Æther.  Soul reavers can see into the Prime, Gloom, and Infernal Dominions from the Æther, but cannot attack through dimensions or into a dimension from the Æther.  The soul reaver may leave the Æther into an adjoining dimension as a move action.


Soul reavers travel in packs containing no less than five reavers.  They will use their Æther Jaunt power to maneuver around their target, attempting to bind them in chains.  After a target is bound, soul reavers will continue to Chain Lash or bite their victim into submission.


DC 15: Soul reavers are daemons that collect souls that have sold themselves to infernal entities.
DC 20: Soul reavers use their chains to attack and immobilize their quarry.
DC 25: Soul reavers are hardly ever encountered in groups smaller than five, and more could be hiding in the Æther.

Note: Mad Menageries are presented in a format similar to 4e, but keywords and mechanics may not jive with 4e.  This is because MM entries are actually for use in my own custom d20 ruleset and setting: the Echelon Gaming System and The Dead Wastes.

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