Noegnud – A Kobold Quest: Framework

ChattyDM took the plunge and established the Chatty Studios site in the pursuit of his RPG Publishing goals.  He also recently had an adventure proposal accepted by Goodman Games for an upcoming anthology.

So now that Chatty has his studio going, he’s officially moved the Kobold Love project over there.  What is Kobold Love you ask?  Well head on over to Chatty Studios and find out more.  The down and dirty is that Chatty wants to prove that any system is just a means to an end, and a well done adventure can be fun using any decent rules.

He has invited anyone interested to convert his adventure idea into their system of choice, and I have picked White Wolf’s Storyteller System.  I wrote an initial article about entering the fray here.

To make this work, I need to create a Template that takes advantage of the World of Darkness core rules.  Official templates include Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken, and Promethean: the Created.  I have done some re-christening of names, but everything is still fluid.  Without further droning, here is an overview of the new template:

Beast: the Ravaging


You may choose to add a bonus dot to one of the two Attributes listed for your Genos.  You may never have more than two dots in your Genos’ weak Attribute

  • Giant – Bonus Strength or Presence, Weak Dexterity
  • Goblin – Bonus Intelligence or Dexterity, Weak Wits
  • Kobold – Bonus Dexterity or Wits, Weak Resolve
  • Orc – Bonus Manipulation or Strength, Weak Composure
  • Ogre – Bonus Composure or Strength, Weak Presence
  • Troll – Bonus Stamina or Resolve, Weak Intelligence


Each Genos grant special powers, or boons.  This includes the ability to roll again on a result of 9 on dice pool rolls of the associated skill.

  • Giant – Enormous Size, 9 again on Intimidate
  • Goblin – Poisonous, 9 again on Crafts
  • Kobold – Shifty, 9 again on Stealth
  • Orc – Command, 9 again on Subterfuge
  • Ogre – Charge, 9 again on Athletics
  • Troll – Regenerate, 9 again on Survival


When Beasts gather in their hordes and march for war, they take up specific roles and join special units.  These units work in concert to ravage civilization.  A character can belong to more than one Officium but the cost of keeping your training up in more than one can become very expensive.

  • Artillery – Raining death from afar
  • Brute  – Meatshields of the monstrous hordes
  • Controller – Sowing chaos, terror and worse with magick
  • Lurker – Striking from hiding
  • Skirmisher – Using mobility to harry the enemy
  • Soldier – The key fighter of the hordes


Characters gain access to powerful advantages called Aptitudes based upon their Genos and Officium.  Each Aptitude has various powers for each dot that are purchased with experience individually.  At character creation, a Beast may choose two dots of Aptitudes to be chosen from their Genos and Officium.


  • Elite ***** – You gain both bonus dots for your Genos

New Traits:

  • Morality – Instinct
  • Power Level – Monstrousity
  • Energy – Atrocity

This should give everyone the direction I am heading with Chatty’s open reverse dungeon trope.  This is probably more involved than most of what the other participants are doing, but I think it is worth it, besides I may use some of the developed Aptitudes in my Echelon Gaming System.  Chime in and tell me what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Noegnud – A Kobold Quest: Framework

  1. I’m glad you like it!

    I really dig White Wolf’s Storyteller System, if you ever get an opportunity I highly recommend reading the World of Darkness corebook and one of the supernatural core books like Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, or Mage: the Awakening. They often get a bad wrap from the diehard D&D players, but I like both systems.

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