2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs

Jonathan @ the Core Mechanic, the instigator of the RPG Blog Carnival, has had another brainchild, an anthology for the best writing of RPG bloggers. If you would like to nominate your own or someone else’s work for inclusion, please fill out this form.  If you would like to help out or find out more details, join the Google Group.  But hurry, because the deadline for submission is December 1st.

One of the goals of the project is to try to get the RPG blogosphere exposed to more gamers, and personally, I will probably be pimping the anthology out at the FLGS.  Perhaps it should make an appearance at some conventions as well…

I think it is an incredible opportunity to have your work published and get some recognition.  I have submitted one article so far and plan on submitting more.  I have also volunteered to do some work on the anthology.  This way not only do I have an opportunity to have my work published, but also acquire some great experience on the other side of publishing.

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2 thoughts on “2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs

  1. Wohoo! Thanks for the bump!

    FLGS? Conventions!? nice! now you’re talking. I have to concede that i’ve never actually been to a ‘Con before; maybe if this project comes to fruition I’m be able to leave town for a few days! Of course.. that’s a big IF. I will remain purely skeptical of my own ambitions.

    jonathan’s last blog post..d20 Cufflinks…

  2. Well, GenCon is literally just up the road (40 minutes w/ traffic), so I could be a sort of spokesperson and attempt get it out there (though exactly how to do that is up for debate).

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