Mad Menagerie: Trystgeist

The Mad Menagerie is a regular column that I am starting with this entry: The Trystgeist.  The Mad Menagerie will be a bi weekly (at least) occurance that will feature totally original monsters, like the Trystgeist, or creatures adapted from folklore, mythology, legend, and movies.

Each entry will give a physical description, a small stat block, powers, combat tactics and lore.  They will be presented in a slightly modified 4e format, but I think they could be adapted to any system.  That being said, I’m not really a fan of 4e, but I think the monster stats are pretty slick and easy to use.


Trystgeists are the spirits of the unfaithful that have died at the hands of their betrayed lovers.  They are ethereal in nature, and only manifest when they exact vengeance upon adulterers.  When these tormented spirits do manifest they become corporeal and appear as one of the adulterers’ spouse.  The adulterers’ surprise soon turns to terror as the trystgeist’s eyes turn black and begin weeping dark, acidic tears that melts the flesh of it’s stolen appearance, as well as its victims.

Medium Shadow Humanoid [Undead, Touched by Evil]
Level: 10
Initiative: +10
Perception: +10, darkvision
Hit Points: 100
AC: 20, Fort: 25, Ref: 18, Will: 25
Speed: 5
Skills: Intimidate +15
Str 16, Dex 10, Con -, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 20

Burning Betrayal (ranged, standard, recharge 4,5,6) [acid, necrotic]
Close burst 5; +15 vs. Reflex; 2d8 +5 damage.

Eyes Only For Me (melee, standard, at-will)
+13 vs. AC; 1d4+3 damage; target is blinded for 2 rounds.

Claw (melee, standard, at-will)
+13 vs. AC; 1d8+3 damage.


Trystgeists will begin by moving in close to its victims and shaking its head inhumanly fast, spraying its acidic tears all around it.  It will then attempt to blind an opponent and take advantage of its victim’s weakened defenses and unleash its claws.  It will spray its victims with acid at every opportunity.  Trystgeists will often intimidate victims so they cower in fear.


DC 15: Trystgeists often take on the appearance of its victim’s spouse.
DC 20: Trystgeists were once adulterers that were slain by their betrayed lovers.
DC 25: Trystgeists cannot be permanently destroyed unless you find its wedding band and destroy it with it’s own acid.

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