Nevermet Press Releases The Desire

Portrait of a Villain: The Desire
Portrait of a Villain: The Desire

I am proud to announce that Nevermet Press released our first PDF last week. We took the system agnostic web content for our first villain, The Desire, and turned it into a resource for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

While I designed the villain’s concept, the talented crew of Nevermet Press really took the ball and ran with it, creating some fantastic encounters, magic items, and organizations that can easily be plugged into an existing campaign. Not to mention all the hard work done by Jonathan Jacobs to organize and layout out a pretty damn good looking book.

I waited a week to announce it here so I could post some links to some nice people that took the time to review our book. So, if you’re interested, read what everyone has to say about our first outing or go ahead and pick yourself up a copy of Portrait of a Villain: The Desire today ($9.95).


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