GenCon 2011 Preview Map & Video

Last night GenCon released the Exhibitor List & Map[1] so future attendees can see where their favorite game companies will be positioned in the new expansion. That’s right, this year’s exhibit hall will not be in the same place as last year, but rather in the shiny new areas along Capitol Street. GenCon even made a video to walk you through the new area.


IUPUI @ GenCon 2010

My alma mater, Indiana University – Purdue University of Indianapolis, returns to GenCon this year. Not only are doing a bunch of workshops and seminars concerning making video games, they are also hosting a FREE offsite (four blocks away) event with Tracy Hickman.

Mad Brew’s GenCon 2010 Schedule

Just in case anyone is wondering (and for my own reference) I am posting my schedule for this year’s Gen Con. I’ve left Saturday evening free because I’m anticipating that I’ll be attending White Wolf’s infamous Gen Con Party (assuming it’s happening and/or I score an invite). Either way, I’ll be partying with my wife and some of our friends.


Conventions, Events, & Geosocializing

As GenCon approaches, my thoughts keep wondering about how emerging and existing technologies could be used to make the convention/event experience more enjoyable. I took a high-level look at using location-based social technology before in Leveraging Geolocation for Roleplaying Games, but I wanted to explore the technology at the implementation level for gaming conventions and events.


GenCon 09 Debrief

Well, it has been a week since GenCon 09 ended, and I am sure everyone got their fill of GenCon related posts, but I still feel like I need to debrief my readers on my experience. I have attended every GenCon since it migrated to Indianapolis but one, and each has been an entirely different experience for me. This year was no exception.